10 Catchy Web Designing Trends For The Year 2020

Every year witnesses change of trends in the world of web. Be it in the realm of website design, or web development, and social media marketing, every year comes with new trends.

In this page, we discuss the new trends in website designing that have come up at the start of 2020.

Gradients 2.0 

This year is going to see the introduction of gradients 2.0 in website designing. They are likely to replace flat shades and textures and add some more depth, making the website more appealing. Every website design service provider in Sydney, like in any other place these days prefers this style to add more variation to the website.

Abstract Illustrations   

Abstract illustrations, just like their genuine counterparts, go a long way to add a unique flavour to the website, helping the brand and its product and service stand out from the crowd. While genuine illustrations are a part of the outcome of the brand DNA, a number of companies have yielded better results by adding abstract illustration, using visual languages like Shopify, Mailchimp, Google.

Bold Fonts 

This is another new trend that is likely to be hit this year, as these weighty fonts add more aesthetic weight to the message, and guide the browser to precisely where they need to look for information. They give the website a more contemporary and confident look and feel.

Geometric Shapes

These are simple, yet authoritative assets, which allow the designers to create more enticing visual compositions.

Emotional Designs

Design is nothing but visual communication. When we talk about communication, it is all about delivering and receiving information. However, there is another communicational aspect that is missed – the emotions. This year is likely to see a significant shift towards a designing concept that has an emotional impact. Every local web design agency in Sydney at present add that emptional edge to the designs they come up with.

Data Visualisation

As we are a visual species, it is easier for us to ascertain and comprehend the information when they are provided visually, instead of in the text. Thus, data visualisation has become an essential part of web designing and will remain so in the days ahead!!

Video Headers

“Show, instead of telling” is the new foundational principle of any good product design. Images play an extremely crucial role in individual designing as it will help the designers to deliver the crux of the message quickly. Thus, video headers have become a MUST HAVE component of modern web designs.

3D, Faux 3D Designs

All these years,3D objects have been used in entertainments and video games. With the advent of device processing technology, 3D objects have started to find places on a regular website, both in their mobile and desktop versions. The3 3D and pseudo-3D objects, an element of realism is added the website.

Scroll Generated Websites

With the introduction of state of the art technologies, the web designers in Sydney come up with designs that would take the browsers to visual journeys, by tracking the users’ progress, as they scroll up and down the website.

Dark User Interface

Designers these days add dark mode to websites. A dark mode user interface is a low light user interface, which displays at most the darker surfaces. Taking up the twin coloured designing trend comes with two benefits. Firstly, dark themes help in the reduction of eye strain and secondly, they reduce the use of light pixels, by reducing the battery power.

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